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Abigail Dirndl - Mid length--Full length also available

Simplicity and traditional style make this one a dirndl for all seasons and occasions. Black skirt with a charcoal colored bodice adorned with an alpine motif. A simple buckle atop the bodice zipper set this one apart. The apron and the trim have delicate pink alpine flowers for just a touch of color. The blouse is simple with a delicate lace touch on the sleeve to be the perfect match on this dirndl.

***This dress has flown off the rack in the mid length! If we are already out of your size in this one and it is your dream dress (as it has been for many!), consider the longer length one for sale below and having it hemmed. There is nothing on the border of either the dress or the apron to prevent it from being hemmed to any length you'd like.***


Same Abigail dress, but in full length CL-abi-L$289.95Size::