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Christmas is only a jump away. Without this beautifully-made reindeer made of grey and brown alpaca, Santa Claus would certainly have a difficult time pulling his sleigh full of presents. He is gleefully jumping his way into the Christmas season on his quick hooves made of Belleseime and with his natural-looking antlers made of felt. The bright look of his black glass eyes, his fine hand-stitched nose as well as the very realistic, hand-painted body make him look incredibly similar to his real-life role model in the wild. The reindeer is not only proud of his Christmas mission with Santa Claus but also of his handsome, handmade harness made of felt and leather decorated with eight golden bells and a gold-plated Steiff “Button-in-Ear”. The reindeer is a limited edition of 1,500 pieces and has the gold-plated Steiff “Button-in-Ear”

12 inches

Alpaca Steiff Reindeer STF-037146$295.00